Chuisky Tract – Altai’s Path of Ancestors

part of Old Chuisky Tract

Every visitor to Altai Republic travels this storied road, a piece of the region’s cultural heritage. Largely a 2-lane highway, Chuisky Tract stretches 963 km (598 miles) from Novosibirsk to Russia’s border with Mongolia, snaking across Altai Krai and Altai Republic and on into Mongolia. In 2019 the Russian edition of “National Geographic Traveler” included…

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2005 Trip Report: Altai, A-Z!

Trip Report – Republic of Altai and Altai Krai In July 2005, I traveled to the Altai Region with Don and Norm, both representing a foundation that has been supporting Altai conservation work since the late 1990s. For them, the goals of the trip included: • Gaining a better (and up-to-date) understanding of a key…

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