Protecting the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Greater Altai and Russia

Our Mission

To protect natural landscapes and wildlife and support indigenous peoples and traditional lifeways in and around Russia and the 4-nation Greater Altai region that also includes Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and China.

Supporting frontline defenders in addressing environmental and human rights issues, including poaching, illegal logging, gold mining

Protecting rich biological diversity through wildlife research and conservation programs and promoting effective protected areas management (including sacred sites)

Serving as an ally and sponsor of indigenous-led initiatives relating to traditional knowledge, indigenous rights, sacred lands, and traditional natural resource use

It Takes A Village

Learn how you can help protect and support nature and people in Greater Altai.

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Black Lives Matter

Here at The Altai Project, we strongly support the anti-racist protests and demonstrations taking place in the United States and around the world. We stand with Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) leaders and activists calling for significant structural changes and reform of laws, socioeconomic policies, and the justice system. We stand alongside efforts to rebuild communities and relationships around love, equity, and trust.
The Altai Project’s long-term relationships and collaborations with indigenous leaders and communities in Russia, Central Asia, and around the world have highlighted the devastating, lasting, and widespread impacts of white supremacy, colonialism, and racial injustice. We seek to center BIPOC voices in the environmental, climate justice, and human rights movements and do this by channeling support and funding to indigenous-led initiatives.
Everyone must participate in this work: protests and marches, speaking out on social media, offering financial support, self-education, having tough (or uncomfortable) conversations with family and friends. Through our voices and with our actions, we must ally with BIPOC and participate in a struggle that has many lanes; we must travel in the same direction - toward justice.