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Here you can follow our main campaigns, learn more about how to get involved, and explore our and our partners’ efforts to protect Altai’s nature and strengthen communities on the ground there.

News & Events

Here we keep you up to date about TAP’s work as well as archive events and information relevant to Altai’s nature, local communities, and energy conservation and sustainable design building efforts.

You can also read about recent projects that TAP has implemented in the region or about travel by Altaian partners to the United States and beyond.


On the Road

TAP staff and occasional guests write about their travels around Altai or with traveling Altaians. This is a great chance to get the flavor of what it’s like to visit Altai!


Altai is full of beautiful and diverse landscapes and people. We invite you to explore them here in these galleries. We’ve also included pictures of some of our hands-on projects and travel with Altaian partners around the world.