Altaigate: “Not guilty” verdict in ’09 helicopter poaching incident [2011]

The cynical among us would say it’s a surprise the case was even filed, let alone went to trial and reached a verdict. Russian officials cleared of poaching charges 23 May 2011 KOSH-AGACH (Altai Republic), May 23 (RIA Novosti) A court in southern Siberia’s Altai Republic on Monday acquitted three high-ranking officials whose hunting of…

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Community-Led Big Cat Protection in 2014 – Thank You, Disney!

Two snow leopard kittens tumbling playfully on a rocky slope

The snow leopard population in Argut has been declining over the years. It is thought that the area can sustain more than 20 leopards, but in the 80s and 90s, poaching almost completely extirpated the big cat. When conservation efforts began in 2010, there were perhaps only 3-6 cats. Thanks almost entirely to Altaisky State…

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Studying Snow Leopards in Argut and around Altai – 2011

In 2010 Panthera awarded a generous conservation research grant to SUNY-ESF’s James Gibbs to support the first high-tech snow leopard research in Altai Republic. The grant provided for the purchase of camera traps and supported expedition time to study the snow leopard population in the Argut River watershed. This, in combination with financial and material…

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