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Looking south across the Ukok Plateau toward China (Photo by J. Castner)

Archive – Keeping pipelines off Ukok [2011]

The 2600-km pipeline would stretch through sensitive landscapes and communities in Altai Republic and then cross the Ukok Plateau into China across the 54-km wide stretch of Russia-China border in central Siberia.

Preserving Altai Cultural & Natural Heritage [2020]

Read about our recent initiative to protect the cultural and natural heritage of Greater Altai

Snow Leopard Conservation [2021]

The Snow leopard is endangered across its entire range in Central Asia, including in Russia. Snow leopard conservation and science are important tools in saving the species.

Steppe eagle "Kenzhik" with a GPS tracker, soaring

Raptor conservation in Eurasia

The Altai Project works with local partners to systematically study and protect raptors in Kazakhstan.

Two snow leopard kittens tumbling playfully on a rocky slope

Snow Leopard conservation in Russia 2002-2021

The Altai Project has invested more than $210,000 in snow leopard conservation in Russia to date (largely 2010-2015, but continuing today). We pooled expertise with other international institutions involved in protecting this big cat. To expand on the saying “many hands make light work,” many hands also strengthen the work by contributing funds, scientific and…

Wild Altai volunteer fieldwork [2022]

Learn about volunteer opportunities to conduct field work in Central Asia.

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