New Snow Leopard Video Footage! [2015]

This just in from the field, specifically on Chikhacheva Ridge, checking camera traps, deploying new ones, seeing what the latest snow leopard going ons there are.

Good news! Adult male Khorgai visited numerous camera traps, and female Guta not only reappeared after a lengthy absence, but she brought her kittens (born ~May 2013?) with her. This is her second litter since we first documented her presence (again with older kittens) in July 2012. See the pictures and  videos below to watch them in action. Note that her tail has a distinctive bend in it, possibly an old injury, that makes her readily identifiable.

In addition to those snow leopards, multiple new cats debuted on the camera traps – we need better and more numerous images before we can identify who is who by their coat pattern.

It is exciting to see that the snow leopard population in the area is reproducing and possibly expanding.

In addition to The Altai Project’s support, this expedition received cofunding from Altaisky State Nature Reserve and Siberian Health Corporation‘s “World Around You” program.

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