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Exciting news! The Altai Project is a member of a new, three-way partnership formed to share environmental justice and indigenous rights journalism with American and Russian readers and thus improve understanding of cross-cutting issues between the United States and Russia in these areas.  The partnership also involves California-based Earth Island Journal and the Vladivostok, Russia-based Ecology and Business journal, published by the Bureau for Regional Outreach Campaigns. Articles will be published in Russian and in English, framing the news for both audiences.

Topics will include the climate crisis, energy , land rights, mining and oil/gas, biodiversity, forests, the rights of local and Indigenous communities, environmental law, and marine and coastal issues. Each journal has decades of experience covering the environment and communities and diverse readership: people concerned with conservation and just transitions to a sustainable future, Indigenous rights and social justice.

Both established in the late 1990s, The Altai Project and Bureau for Regional Outreach Campaigns are long-time members of the Sosnovka Coalition, a network of environmental and Indigenous organizations and activists in the Russian Far East and Siberia. Over the years, both organizations have have amassed decades of experience covering the environment and communities, and both have a diverse readership.

Earth Island Journal and the Earth Island Institute were founded in 1982, the brainchild of David Brower – a famous theorist, philosopher, writer, and activist in the 20th century environmental movement in the United States. Today, Earth Island Journal thoughtfully evolves from that starting point, filling its pages with in-depth coverage of the most significant environmental issues in North America and around the world. The Journal pays special attention to the role of local communities in optimizing environmental management processes, preserving ecosystems and biodiversity, and protecting the rights of local and Indigenous communities. The Altai Project is one of more than 75 projects sponsored by Earth Island Institute.

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