On Our Mind in May

Each spring a group of Altai-minded folks gather to share and discuss current events, goals, and challenges. Just last month, and thanks to support from Weeden Foundation, members of the Altai Alliance gathered at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, CA to reconnect for a productive and valuable meeting. The Alliance is an important tool for Altai in that it unites many organizations; together we can shepherd our time, human, and financial resources effectively, strategically, and efficiently for the best possible outcomes in Altai. By presenting a united front in support of Altai’s culture, people, and environment, we can have greater success in outreach, advocacy and fundraising.

The Altai Project, Snow Leopard Conservancy, Bioregions International, Sacred Land Film Project, Pacific Environment, and many other dedicated conservationists and travelers dug in to the issues facing the region. Discussions around snow leopard protection, mining and gas pipeline threats, geopolitics, and the state of Russia were at the forefront of our conversations. Progress has been made on all of these fronts, but we are reminded more and more that our collective efforts to preserve the species, land, and traditional culture of Altai will have the greatest impact.

We all love Altai dearly, and this is why…