Traditional Wisdom for Future Generations

Blending nature and conservation with traditional knowledge is the goal of the AruSvaty Educational Center for Traditional Altaian Wisdom. According to founder Danil Mamyev, “Here within Uch Enmek Karakol Nature Park all conditions exist for the creation of innovative and culture-creating models of education.”

Traditional Altaian Fire Ceremony (photo credit T. McLeod)

This Center will serve as a community, regional, and international hub for traditional knowledge, especially within Altai. Specifically engaging Karakol Valley schools to develop an integrated traditional knowledge curriculum, the Center will create a multi-faceted educational space to strengthen Altaian culture. Staff, teachers, artists, and traditional wisdom practitioners will share their knowledge of traditional foods and plants, spiritual practices, traditional crafts, rituals and ceremonies, including many experiential activities connecting people (and particularly children) with sacred sites and traditional wisdom. Participants who experience the Center’s programs will be charged with the role of carrying on Altaian traditional knowledge and culture for their generation and beyond.

Located in the Karakol Valley, this area has unique natural and historical-cultural resources and have been honored since ancient times by the local community as a Sacred Land. In addition to its educational work, the Center will support a Council for Sustainable Development of the Territory (SCDT). Representatives from all 6 villages of Karakol Valley, as well as local business, education, and government leaders have united to help regulate all economic and socio-cultural development from a cultural and ecological sustainability perspective.

We are thrilled with AruSvaty Center’s progress and proud of the work that has been done so far to build the structures for the Center, as well as to create the curricula to support the traditional knowledge education among indigenous youth. We look forward to sharing more of Danil’s leadership success later in the year.

Enjoy this video of Danil talking about his motivation for creating the Center. Thanks to Snow Leopard Conservancy for producing and sharing this interview.