On Our Mind in February

We’re now a couple of months into the new year, and I thought I would share some interesting news, some of which has everything to do with YOU.

First of all, we are very thankful for the $92,342 in individual and grants donations in 2014! Because of you, we are able to distribute more support to our Altaian partners and expand our fundraising and international reach. AND NOW, we’ve made it much easier to make a donation with our monthly and quarterly donation options. You can spread your gift out over the course of a year. Take a look, and notice the new drop-down menu. You know you want to be the first to try it out!

Coming up this spring, we will once again convene for our 8th annual Altai Alliance meeting. This meeting, held in Berkeley, is an opportunity for organizations and individuals that have a vested interest in Altai to spend a day discussing events in Altai, challenges and successes, and finding opportunities to work collaboratively for the benefit of Altai. Thanks to Weeden Foundation for continuing to sponsor this important annual meeting.

As always, we love to talk about our work! Do you have a group of colleagues, neighbors, friends, club members, etc…who might be interested in hosting a gathering? E-mail Carrie@altaiproject.org if you have an idea.

In the meantime, please feel free to stay in touch via e-mail at Jennifer@altaiproject.org.