Sponsor a Snow Leopard

In cooperation with our close partners at Arkhar, Roosevelt Wild Life Station, and WWF’s Altai-Sayan Program, we are launching a snow leopard sponsorship program, and we need your support.

Argut snow leopard (Photo by S. Spitsyn)

Argut snow leopard (Photo by S. Spitsyn)

Following our collaborative success that has dramatically reduced snare-poaching and its impacts in snow leopards in Altai’s Argut region, we have identified a need to directly involve  local herders, hunters, and their families in snow leopard protection and research. When you sponsor a snow leopard, we use your dollars to pay local herders and hunters to put down their snares and rifles, and instead take up camera traps to study our snow leopard population and identify new cats.

Essentially, we are paying local hunters not to poach. At the same time, we teach them about the importance of these endangered big cats and encourage them to work in their tight-knit community to stop others from poaching as well.

When you sponsor a snow leopard, we will send you regular updates on big cats in our program, the hunters we’ve enrolled in the program, and other successes and challenges.

Sponsor a snow leopard now!

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Thanks to Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, Weeden Foundation, and WWF-Russia’s Altai-Sayan Program for their support of this new initiative.