Jennifer joins The Altai Project

Since leaving my job at PE last summer, I’ve transitioned smoothly into a variety of consulting activities. Among other brief projects, I’ve interpreted for a visiting group of public health specialists (Sep 06) and organized and co-executed (and interpreted during) another exchange for Russian environmental types in December.

I’ve taken on a part-time position with a group called The Altai Project, which is part of Earth Island Institute here in San Francisco. My only other coworker lives in an ecovillage in Missouri. Here, I get to focus my Russian conservation interests on my favorite region in southern central Siberia – Altai. I’ll be traveling for TAP in June to do site visits and meet old friends and colleagues around that amazing region.

I’m also hiring myself out for Russian to English translation and have one huge project that is drawing to a close this month – translating an encyclopedia of Russian indigenous minority peoples. It’s a big project, about 430 pages in length, and it has been a lot of fun to work on. I’ll share more about it when I know how/when it will be published.

There are other opportunities out there as well, and I’ve been busy enough that I’ve had to turn away some work! Now there’s something for which to be thankful.