Memory Lane – “Learning to Cook Po-Russki

This little vignette is going to be published in the forthcoming Bryn Mawr College Alumnae Cookbook. Not exactly sure of the title though… I learned how to cook in Moscow. In the spring of 1992, immediately after the break-up of the Soviet Union, I was living in a run-down 15-story dormitory with 13 other American […]

Renewable energy – Altai, Russia to San Francisco!

Here’s my report from a recent Pacific Environment event that I planned and executed. You’ll see that I don’t get much in the way of a mention, but that’s mainly because I did almost all the interpreting and all the running around. It was a ton of fun and I learned a lot too! Alternative […]

On the road again

Some of you knew this already, but others don’t – I’m on the road again. Part One of my trip was a new place for me –Oslo. Lately, the “getting there” part also seems to be part of the adventure. I guess my “trouble-free travel” kharma has finally worn out, b/c for the third time […]

Heading off to the wild blue yonder…aka Altai…again

I’m wrapping up preparations for my next adventure in Russia, July 8-27. This trip is a departure from “the usual” for me, as I’ll be shepherding two gentlemen from a small family foundation that supports Pacific Environment’s work in the Altai region. They’ve never been to Russia before, and this means that I get to […]

Really long post on Altai Republic road trip

Where to start? Everyone should be as lucky as I am to see the places I see. As a matter of fact it should be required that everyone in the entire world travel to a distant and exotic place that is nothing at all like any place they’ve ever been before. “Citizen of the World” […]

Spring in Barnaul

It’s early Monday morning on the 21st for me — I’m taking advantage of slight jet lag to get up by 5:30 or 6 and work during what are my most productive hours of the day, were I generally able to get up this early. I arrived here in Barnaul (capital of the Altai Krai, […]