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Our staff and guest writers tell about their Altai and Altai-related travels. Follow an Altaian’s travels or get a flavor of what it’s like to journey to Altai.

Centuries-old larch tree in the Karakol Valley (Uch Enmek NP)

Photo Travel Diary – Altai Sept-Oct 2011

Travel along with Jennifer to a beautiful autumn in Altai, where she attended Sosnovka (an important strategy meeting for Siberian and Far Eastern activists), visited the Karakol Valley and climbed to Uch Enmek’s final peak on horseback, and attended meeting while enjoying Gorno-Altaisk and Barnaul culture and scenery.

Using Technology to Stop Poachers

Electronics hobbyists team up with SUNY-ESF and TAP to develop and implement technology which may significantly improve anti-poaching efforts. Sean Burnett and Greg Carney have just returned from Altai where they successfully deployed innovative “poacher detectors”.

Horses and tires

I took this picture in 2005. We were on a long road trip, making site visits with partners, and this picture was taken somewhere in eastern Altai Krai. The sign says “Tire Repair…Balancing.” Horses are an essential mode of transportation across much of Siberia. In Altai, the landscape is often remote and mountainous, and there […]

Camera-trapping along the Argut River

Sergei Spitsyn, a long-time partner and ranger at Altaisky Strict Nature Reserve, just returned from an expedition along the lower and middle Argut River. With the participation of two residents from the nearby village of Inegen, he had set camera traps in likely locations to learn more about what animals still inhabit the area. The […]

Last day on the Lake

The morning started off overcast, but settled on partly sunny during breakfast. Seven of us set out from Yailyu for a 6 kilometer hike to the top of the nearest ridge. We were accompanied by two rangers, one armed with a rifle to protect us from bears. Yailyu villages and zapovednik staff have a complicated […]

Lake Teletskoye

Up and down Lake Teletskoye

Lake Teletskoye is the largest lake in Altai Republic (easily). It is a rift lake, created by seismic forces. That’s obvious when you see it, because there are cliffs along parts of the shoreline, and 90% of the shoreline we’ve seen so far is very, very steep. It is very deep, and its waters (mostly glacial […]