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Explore Altai’s beautiful and diverse landscapes and people. View some of our hands-on projects and travel with Altaian partners around the world.

Climbing up above the lake (photo by A. Rhodes)

Lake Kindyktykul

Lake Kindyktykul (“Kin-dik-tik-kool”) borders Chikhachev Ridge in southeastern Altai and is home to over 20 species of endangered birds.

Mergen bundled up and ready to ride out

Sergei’s report and photos from the field

Sergei Spitsyn and his team returned from a field expedition with new snow leopard evidence, incredible photos, and the successful removal of poachers’ snares.

Mountain pass sacred offering spot en route to Ulagan

October 2014 trip to Altai

Jennifer’s photo journal of her October trip to Altai provided some excellent insight into the culture.

The team is ready to go!

October in the Argut River valley

Here are a few pictures from the beautiful expedition The Altai Project participated in along with SUNY-ESF, Altaisky Nature Reserve, and WWF-Altai-Sayan. We hiked down the stunning but isolated middle Argut River to visit cabins frequented by local herders, hunters, and poachers and to investigate the area’s potential for hiking tourism.