About Us

We protect nature in Altai by assisting our partners’ efforts to strengthen conservation measures, manage tourism effectively, and create strategies for ongoing protection of sensitive areas.

Specifically, we support protected areas staff and other professionals in anti-poaching and enforcement as well as achieving greater oversight and education of visitors.

Through direct support and international exchanges involving specific nonprofit organizations, indigenous groups, and protected areas, we sponsor training programs, signage, publications, and the purchase of equipment and materials needed to establish visitor centers and control poaching.

In collaboration with other international nonprofits, we support Russian activists’ efforts to prevent or improve potentially destructive development projects such as the proposed Altai gas pipeline and road to China across the fragile Ukok Plateau. Our campaign support generally goes to small grassroots groups volunteering considerable time and energy toward such causes.

We provide funds to cover travel, publications, and communications costs so these activists can attend hearings, participate in environmental impact studies, conduct outreach efforts, and coordinate with other concerned community members.

By way of providing an alternative to harmful development projects, we also contribute funds and training toward the demonstration and promotion of renewable energy and natural building technologies.

Through professional exchanges we address the need for experts highly trained in designing energy-efficient buildings powered and heated without the use of fossil fuels, and that incorporate inexpensive, locally-available natural materials such as clay, sand, and straw.

We also provide small grants toward the purchase of renewable energy equipment for nonprofits, nature parks, and other public sites. Finally, we support outreach efforts popularizing the use of these appropriate technologies.

Throughout our work in the Altai, whenever possible, we engage with indigenous peoples. Not only do we support their efforts to manage their traditional natural territories, we believe they hold a key to living in balance with nature—a key that must not be lost.


Lend us your time, expertise and energy!

The Altai Project has regular short-term opportunities and internships for people with relevant expertise to get involved: natural sciences, issues of concern to indigenous peoples, climate change, alternative energy and energy conservation, natural building and sustainable design, land use planning, wildlife biology.

We are also in regular need of volunteer translators (Russian, Altaian, and English), web support, graphic designers/desktop publishing, and writers/editors.