Connecting to Ukok

Situated at the intersection of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia, Ukok Plateau is part of the “Golden Mountains of Siberia”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.

Isolated from the outside world by surrounding mountain ranges, Ukok is home to the snow leopard, argali mountain sheep, and steppe eagles. It is a place where ancient petroglyphs can be found and was once the resting place of the Ukok Princess (Ice Maiden). Rich in biodiversity and fragile landscapes, Ukok is truly a special place in the world…and sacred to many native peoples. Visitors can sense the plateau’s close connection with the heavens above.

Our friends at Sacred Land Film Project have created a 4-part film series called “Standing on Sacred Ground”.

Part 1, “Pilgrims and Tourists” hones in on the Ukok Plateau and the development projects that continue to threaten this sacred part of Altai. “Pilgrims and Tourists” will air throughout the country on PBS and the World Channel in May and June. Check the schedule here.

Protecting Ukok has always been a priority of The Altai Project. We continue to pay attention to potential threats and work together with our Altaian partners and U.S. based Altai Alliance members to come up with ways to lessen the impact to this sacred place.

Enjoy a few photos of Ukok and the surrounding area.