Three Men Making a Difference

You have heard their names and maybe even read about their dedication to conservation in Altai. Sergei Spitsyn, Mergen Markov, and Danil Mamyev are wonderful examples of perseverance in the face of tremendous challenge. They are driven by their love and understanding of nature, tradition, culture, and wildlife.

In honor of their work, The Altai Project is raising $5,000 to ensure continued support for their efforts.

With The Altai Project office located in the United States, we have the ability to share their stories with our networks, including potential new funders, to bring awareness and insight into the conservation and cultural issues that face Altaians. Therefore, it is so important that we have the support of the people who know us and connect with our mission. YOU!

We have put together a montage of photos, a video of Sergei in Argut tracking a snow leopard, and highlights of these three amazing men. You can view it here. And, if you are inspired by what you see and read, please consider a donation. We are grateful.