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Centuries-old larch tree in the Karakol Valley (Uch Enmek NP)

Photo Travel Diary – Altai Sept-Oct 2011

Travel along with Jennifer to a beautiful autumn in Altai, where she attended Sosnovka (an important strategy meeting for Siberian and Far Eastern activists), visited the Karakol Valley and climbed to Uch Enmek’s final peak on horseback, and attended meeting while enjoying Gorno-Altaisk and Barnaul culture and scenery.

Larch leaves on Arugem in Uch Enmek Nature Park

Altai Protected Areas News

Here is the latest news on protected areas in Altai Republic – gathered during an October visit to the area. Although they face many ongoing challenges, Altai Republic’s protected areas cover an impressive 23%+ of its total territory.