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Choya locals selling their wares

“Progress” rocket crashes in northern Altai Republic – Updated

Wednesday, Aug 25, an unmanned Progress rocket crashed in southern Choysky District in northern Altai Republic, about half the distance between Gorno-Altaisk and the western tip of Lake Teletskoye. Originally destined for the International Space Station, the rocket mysteriously failed about 5 minutes after launch.

Russian Media Takes Note of “Keeping Pipelines Off Ukok” Campaign

Here is a translation of a piece by Russia’s REGNUM news agency covering the “Keeping Pipelines Off Ukok” campaign. It’s great that the Russian media coverage is fairly nuanced at this point.  On the Listok site (an Altai-based media outlet), the article’s commenters are pretty balanced, although the article’s only recently been posted. […]

Using Technology to Stop Poachers

Electronics hobbyists team up with SUNY-ESF and TAP to develop and implement technology which may significantly improve anti-poaching efforts. Sean Burnett and Greg Carney have just returned from Altai where they successfully deployed innovative “poacher detectors”.

Altaian ritual offerings

Altai Culture & History

A variety of local indigenous culture and history photos, with a few shots of traditional Russian culture as well.

Looking south across the Ukok Plateau toward China (Photo by J. Castner)

Keeping Pipelines Off Ukok

The 2600-km pipeline would stretch through sensitive landscapes and communities in Altai Republic and then cross the Ukok Plateau into China across the 54-km wide stretch of Russia-China border in central Siberia.